Privacy Policy



For clarity, Power Federation will be referred to as  “Power Federation”, “we”, “us”, or “our”. 

This privacy policy is about how we collect, use, disclose, store, secure, dispose of and in general manage and protect personal and sensitive information about our members, potential members and employees both in person and includes online through our website, on the phone and email. 

We are bound and committed to honoring the Privacy Act 1988(Cth)(“the Privacy Act”) and the National Privacy Principles which you can find on

This Privacy Policy applies to the products and services offered by Power Federation.

This privacy policy does not apply to any third party websites or business we have not explicitly approved, whether through email, on the phone or in person.
There is also other information that we may collect about you through different means such as but not limited to surveys, questionnaires and in person. This information usually does not have any identifying factors which means that it usually it cannot identify you.

The information we collect through this Site may be “Personal Information” or "Sensitive Information”.

Privacy Act 1988(Cth)- s.6- definitions of personal and sensitive information:
personal information means information or an opinion about an identified individual, or an individual who is reasonably identifiable:
                     (a)  whether the information or opinion is true or not; and
                     (b)  whether the information or opinion is recorded in a material form or not.

                            sensitive information means:
                     (a)  information or an opinion about an individual’s:

                              (i)  racial or ethnic origin; or
                             (ii)  political opinions; or
                            (iii)  membership of a political association; or
                            (iv)  religious beliefs or affiliations; or
                             (v)  philosophical beliefs; or
                            (vi)  membership of a professional or trade association; or
                           (vii)  membership of a trade union; or
                          (viii)  sexual orientation or practices; or
                            (ix)  criminal record;

                            that is also personal information; or
                     (b)  health information about an individual; or
                     (c)  genetic information about an individual that is not otherwise health information; or
                     (d)  biometric information that is to be used for the purpose of automated biometric     
                           verification or biometric identification; or
                     (e)  biometric templates.

This privacy policy constitutes our terms of use of our website and also covers information we receive in person, on the phone and through email.

Your Consent
Please review this Privacy Policy before using our website in any way and before becoming a member of Power Federation or before you give us in any way or form any personal and/or sensitive information.
When you use this website, and/or sign up for a membership on this website or in person or give us any personal/sensitive information, you give your consent to us to collect information about you, to use it and to disclose it. The way we do this is outlined in this Policy. 
If at any point you do not agree to be bound by our Privacy Policy or anything in it, you need to immediately refrain from using our website and our facilities which we provide to our members and/or others. 

Any personal information which the Power Federation holds is given to us by a member, potential member or visitor voluntarily when they inquire about membership and/or products or when they apply to become a member, whether in person at the reception desk, online through our website, on the phone or through email, or enter any competitions, promotions, special offers, etc.
Personal information requested by Power Federation when a person inquires about a membership and/or products or applies to become a member, or purchases a product, is done in order to be able to provide accurate information, products and services best suited. 
There is no obligation whatsoever to provide any information, however, if we do not get the requested information, we may be unable to provide any advice, product or service.

The information we collect about you, we will use as follows:
To provide you with services which we have agreed on in your membership agreement;
To provide you with nutritional/exercise/products and services/ any specials and deals on any services and offers we may have;
To find out your opinions, suggestions, ideas and tips about products and services from members of otherwise;
For marketing purposes, so that we can find out how to better our products and services which may or may not appeal to you;

Power Federation from time to time employs third parties to help in certain areas of Power Federation functions and to help us run and/or provide you with services. These third parties may or may not have access to your personal information. 
If they do have any access, the information which they have access to will be the information they need to perform the duties they were hired to do and they will be informed that they cannot use your information for any other purpose, except for which they were hired for. 
In relation third parties, we cannot guarantee that they will use and disclose your information in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles of the Privacy Act. 
By using this website, becoming a member or a prospective member, you acknowledge and consent to the fact that we are not bound to take reasonable steps to ensure that third parties we disclose information to follow the Australian Privacy Principles or the privacy act.

 Some of these third parties may include, but are not limited to;
marketing and market research
IT service providers/software operators/server operators/hosting services/website operators
If you have opted for direct debit, your personal information will need to be disclosed to the direct debit provider to be able to process your payments. The direct-debit provider has their own terms and conditions and operating procedures which you will need to become familiar with. A link or a copy of their terms and conditions will be provided.
Personal trainers/Coaches/Group trainers
Dieticians/nutrition professionals
Massage therapists
Our business partners
Our collaborators
Public Relations professionals
Human Relations professionals
Survey/ Questionnaire companies
Insurance company
Consulting services we think are needed
Other relevant individuals to help us run smoothly and provide you with any relevant services
Any other disclosure to any other company/organisation we believe relevant for their own marketing or otherwise, who will be carefully selected. These may be companies/organisations who provide us with giveaways and prizes to be used for any tournaments, competitions, raffles, any promotions we may run etc. 

Power Federation is committed to honoring the wishes of its members in relation to their personal information. We will not be using, disclosing, discarding this information for any other purposes than what is described in this policy, without prior consent. 
However, there may be circumstances when we are bound by law or we need to disclose personal information to protect our rights and property, protect the rights and property of any member, or protect the rights and property of any other people which are not members, or to protect any person from a threat to their health and/or safety, or to reduce any harm that may have occurred to any person’s health and safety. 
Another circumstance in which we may disclose your personal information would be to report a possible fraud or theft or any other crime that we encounter.
We will also disclose your personal/sensitive information to protect any of our rights whether property, intellectual or personal.

We do not rent or sell your personal information without your consent where we are required by law to ask for consent.

By using this site and/or becoming a member, and/or providing personal information when inquiring about us, you consent to use and disclosure of your personal information if we sell Power Federation or any parts of it, or if we transfer operation to third parties, or if we merge with third parties or if we liquidate our assets, or if we franchise out. In this case, parts or all of the operations including this website will pass on to the said third party, and that third party will have access to all the personal/sensitive information we hold and will also be bound by this privacy policy.

The information we collect whether through this website, in person, on the phone and email and any other forms or means may be used for research  and marketing purposes, whether by us or a third party. This information does not identify you personally, but it will identify how individual people and also how different groups of people use our site and/or services. Some of the information may be but is not limited to is such things as basic demographics and consumer behaviors.

Power Federation prides itself in being a local gym which is part of the community. We may have business partners that help us improve our services to the members or run our business better or to foster community spirit. Your personal/sensitive information will be shared with these business partners to the extent necessary in our discretion.

Employees and prospective employees
Employee information gathered in the process of searching for a suitable employee will only be used for the purpose it was collected for. However, we may disclose employee information if we are bound by law to do so. If the prospective employee is successful and becomes an actual employee, that information will forma part of their record/file. If the prospective employee is unsuccessful, we may keep his/her information on hand in case another position opens up for which they would have an opportunity to apply.
We may destroy or return the information we have on file, if the unsuccessful applicant informs us of their wish.

Privacy Act 1988(Cth)- s6- Definitions
employee record, in relation to an employee, means a record of personal information relating to the employment of the employee. Examples of personal information relating to the employment of the employee are health information about the employee and personal information about all or any of the following:

                     (a)  the engagement, training, disciplining or resignation of the employee;

                     (b)  the termination of the employment of the employee;

                     (c)  the terms and conditions of employment of the employee;

                     (d)  the employee’s personal and emergency contact details;

                     (e)  the employee’s performance or conduct;

                      (f)  the employee’s hours of employment;

                     (g)  the employee’s salary or wages;

                     (h)  the employee’s membership of a professional or trade association;

                      (i)  the employee’s trade union membership;

                      (j)  the employee’s recreation, long service, sick, personal, maternity, paternity or   other leave;

                     (k)  the employee’s taxation, banking or superannuation affairs.

Collecting sensitive information

Personal information we generally collect;
date of birth
telephone numbers
e-mail address
credit card or bank account details
driver’s licence number
emergency contact details
other necessary details in our discretion

We collect personal information on our website, through email, on the phone and in person. This collection of information is usually done when a person enters our website, when a person contacts us through our website, information we receive through emails, phone and in person inquiries, or when a membership form is filled out or any other forms provided by us whether health or otherwise. We also collet information through questionaries and surveys, any documents, any other information given to us by a member or a prospective member. Member files are also keep in order to provide the best possible services to individual members.

The information we collect through this website is used to better understand our customers and their needs so that we can in turn find ways to cater to those customers and their needs and give them the best possible experience, whether they are looking for just information, products, having just a look or even applying for membership. 
This information is used to offer our customers specials and offers and to improve the services we offer or any products/merchandise we sell and may even occasionally be a questionnaire or a survey. 
If you have provided any contact details, we may use that information to contact you with specials we may have on any of our products and services or any information that may be related to this website, or anything else in relation to Power Federation, in accordance with your wishes which you have made known to us.
This information is important because it helps us improve our website and also our marketing efforts, so that we can better understand our potential customer or customers and in turn cater to them.
We may also use your information for any other purpose stated in this privacy policy and any agreements we may have and any click through consents and agreements that may be on this website.

This site is not intended for anyone under eighteen years of age. If a person/s under the age of eighteen uses this website or provides any information, it is to be done with the permission and supervision of their legal guardian. If a person under the age of 18 has provided us with any personal information whether on this website, through email, on the phone or in person, without their legal guardian’s permission and supervision, we would appreciate it if you let us know by calling the reception desk at Power Federation on the phone number provided on this website.

Use of tracking technologies
Power Federation website uses tracking software to record any activity on our website and to help keep it secure. Such software includes cookies and other software which our website transfers to your device to keep records of your activities on our website, and record your website browsing and HTML formatted email.
This technology is also used to help our website function more efficiently and provide you with certain website features which may enhance your visit and for marketing and advertising purposes.
Some of the general information collected maybe be but is not limited to your IP address, your operating system details and when and how you interact with our website.
This information does not personally identify you. However, we may combine it with other information we have to identify you, if it is necessary. 
Also, any information we have on you whether personal/sensitive/general from this website or otherwise or any non-identifiable information we have on you which when combined with other information may identify you, we may use to identify any intrusions and contraventions to our website and/or operating system and server. We may also share all this information from the website or otherwise with the authorities to help identify you. 

If you do not wish for this to occur, please change your browser settings to not allow any tracking software. If you do change your settings to not allow tracking software, some of Power Federation website services and facilities may be limited to you.

Types of Information We Collect Online
We collect information on this website and in person which you physically give us when you give us any details, whether it is when you sign up for a membership, a free pass, a trial, enter any competitions, purchase services and/or any products or otherwise interact with the website or us in any way.

Power Federation has a number of social media profiles on different platforms, which are used to communicate with potential members/customers or actual members.

We are part of the community and our members and/or potential members and the general public contact is a very valuable connection which we regard highly. If you do choose to communicate and/or interact with us in any way on these social media platforms, you have a responsibility to ensure that you do not use any abusive, offensive, inappropriate or illegal, copyrighted(or any intellectual property) language and/or content for any purpose.
Any person who chooses to use any social media platform to communicate with us or use this platform in any other way in relation to us has to take their responsibilities very seriously and also protect their own privacy. Please do not use any personal and/or sensitive information of yourself and/or others in any posts or communication.
The information you provide on these social media platforms is recorded and used for administration, marketing and communication purposes.

There may be times on the website where you may be able to automatically fill out or enhance your profile you may have on our website by choosing a social media button, which will in turn automatically send us information which you have given to a third party social media platform. By allowing or requesting this weather through a button, tick box, or otherwise, you consent to the third party platforms you have chosen to send us the information you have on any of your profiles, whether personal, sensitive or otherwise.
This information will be treated like all other information we collect on this website or otherwise, and in accordance with the Privacy Act.

The social media platforms we utilise have their own privacy policies and terms of use and we are not responsible for any of their actions or practices. Any responsibility we may have is limited to our own controllable only by us parts of our social media platform pages.

When you visit the power Federation website, other third parties may place tracking technologies on your device for a number of different purposes some of which include but are not limited to tracking your online browsing across non-affiliate websites or otherwise and for their own marketing purposes which may go on for a period of time.
We may use third party technologies that help support efficient functioning of our website and help us gather information on the visitors to our website.
If you do not wish this, please disallow this using your browser settings and delete any cookies which you do not wish to track your online behaviours. This may limit your browsing of our website.

Power Federation is committed to honouring the Privacy Act and the privacy of the information collected through our website. We will not use your online and offline supplied information in any way not consented to. When you choose to use our website, or provide us with any information though contact or email or otherwise on the website, this will be taken to be consent.

Any marketing that we may do through email or text msg will be sent to those customers who have either requested or consented to it. If you no longer wish to subscribe to either of these or any other publication you may receive from us, please contact the reception desk and we will unsubscribe you.
However, we may send advertising and/or promotional and marketing emails/text msg or other materials to potential members/customers based on our reasonable belief that they may be interested in receiving it. If this does occur, they will be able to opt out by contacting the reception desk at Power Federation.

Power Federation is committed to protecting the user’s personal/sensitive information collected from our website which is why we review our privacy policy.
However, we may from time to time provide links on our website to other websites which are operated by third parties who may or may not be our partners, collaborators or associated with us in any way and we have no control over and they are therefore not covered by our privacy policy. 
If you do access any of these links, those websites may collect your information in accordance with their own privacy policy. As we have no control over those websites we provide links to, we cannot control in any way the collection of any of your information on them and how it is used, managed or disclosed, or any other control. Therefore, Power Federation is not responsible for any conduct, performance, behaviour and treatment, and any software or data practices of any third parties and/or companies which we have provided a link to on our website or in the gym.
Therefore, any information that may be collected by these third party websites we have provided links to is not covered by our privacy policy.

Click through agreements
Some of the content and/or features on this web site may explicitly ask you to agree to special terms that apply to the use of that part of the website. 
In this case, you may be prompted to click a button which has the marking “I agree” on it and/or a check box you need to tick. 
It is important that you read through these terms as they may differ from the terms of this policy.
If any terms of the agreement are different from the terms of this policy, than those terms of the agreement you are clicking/ticking through will either supplement this policy and if that is not possible,they will prevail or amend this privacy policy, and only in relation to what is covered by the agreement.

We may send you marketing, promotional and other communication materials.
If you do not wish for this to occur, please contact the Power Federation reception desk and we will remove your details from our database list.

Individuals can review, amend or delete personal/sensitive information that we have in our control. If you wish to do this, simply come to the Power Federation reception desk and complete the Information access request form. We will take reasonable steps to honour your request unless we are bound by law or legal reasons not to do so,  and in accordance with the Privacy Act.  If we cannot complete your request, you will receive reasons for not doing so. 
Power Federation willI provide information at its discretion unless we have a legal obligation to do so.
If you request it and we do remove/delete any information about you from our database, it may restrict the kinds of products and services we can provide you with.
It is an individual’s own responsibility to ensure that all the information we may have on them, is complete and accurate. Please let us know by speaking with the reception staff.

Personal information security
Your personal/sensitive information we collect through our website, email, phone, any application for or inquiry or competition, will be handled only by authorised staff and other consultants and professionals that we believe are necessary.  Power Federation employees have a duty to respect the confidentiality of all information held by us.
We will take reasonable steps to keep your personal and/or sensitive information and data we are in control of protected from use, abuse, destruction or alteration.
Hard copies of your personal/sensitive information will be stored away in a secure location. Digital copies of your personal/sensitive information which we are in control of will be secured by a password.
It is the individual’s own responsibility to let us know when your information is not up to date or accurate.

If any information we have received is no longer relevant to us, we will either destroy it or remove the parts which identify the individual and use it for marketing purposes.

Furthermore, it is important that all users of our website realise that we cannot guarantee that your online information is completely secure from unauthorised access, use, disclosure and destruction on purpose or by accident whether people associated with us or not related to us at all.

Any information you post either on our website, social media or any other site we may have a connection to whether using our social media tools and/or your social media profile, will not be protected by our privacy policy. Basically, anything you post which other people can see, even for a short amount of time, is your own responsibility and will not be covered by our privacy policy.

Changes to our privacy policy
Power Federation reserves the right to review, amend, update, change or modify in any way this Privacy Policy at any time without prior notice to comply with any obligations legal or otherwise, developments, new operations and practices, by posting the new reviewed version on our website under the Privacy Policy link/button, which will take effect when posted on the website.
If you continue to use our website and/or our facilities after posting the new reviewed Privacy Policy, will be taken to be your consent to any changes made and your agreement to be bound by it.
We encourage all users of our website and/or facilities to reviewer privacy policy on a regular basis.

Problems Queries or complaints
If you have a problem, quarry or a complaint or you require any further information on this Privacy Policy, please speak with our reception staff in person. You may also contact management:
Email:    or  Phone:  3800 2580     

We will make reasonable attempts to resolve any of your problems, queries or complains in practicable time, depending on the nature of it.
However, if it is not possible to resolve your problem, query or complaint and you are not satisfied with the results, you can refer your complaint to the: Office of the Australian Information Commissioner   at

This Privacy Statement applies to Burntberry Pty Ltd, Power Federation, its employees, contractors, members, website and any visitors or inquirers.

Cameras and Surveillance
Power Federation has numerous cameras on the premises which record the time and date, for security purposes
These recording can only be accessed by authorised management members and may be released to law enforcement and other officials.